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Virginia H. Farah Foundation Grant

Holy Assumption Monastery is the grateful recipient of a $25,000 grant from the Virginia H. Farah Foundation for the St. Nicholas House Renovation.

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Virginia Farah established the foundation in 1983. As the daughter of an Orthodox priest, she wished to pass on to others some of the gifts she received in her lifetime. The foundation makes grants for the growth and maintenance of the Orthodox Church throughout the world, and has helped many Orthodox organizations, churches, monasteries and ministries here in the United States. 


The grant to Holy Assumption Monastery will fund the renovation of the St. Nicholas House bathroom into the monastery's only residential handicap-accessible bathroom. This will involve interior demolition of existing walls in order to expand the bathroom's footprint, as well as a complete remodel of the bathroom's interior to accommodate wheelchairs. In addition, the grant will also purchase all the new windows and doors for the entirely remodeled house. These windows and doors will be installed at a later phase in the renovation process.


While the monastery applied for the grant through the Farah Foundation, one of Farah's partner organizatinos, the Cottonwood Foundation, agreed to provide a substantial part of the grant award. Our community is extremely grateful to both organizations for their support of the St. Nicholas House renovation and the ongoing life of prayer and hospitality at Holy Assumption Monastery. Glory to God for His goodness!

Stewardship of God\'s Gifts

Help us renovate St. Nicholas House!

St. Nicholas House is a small ranch-style building added to the monastery in the 1970s. It has not received significant maintenance since its construction, and will quickly become uninhabitable without major repairs. Work on some near-by outbuildings will allow activities that currently take place in St. Nicholas House to relocate during the renovations, which include a new roof and changes to the interior floor plan.

The first priority in the renovation is replacing the roof, lest serious structural damage occur during winter rains. However, unless St. Nicholas House becomes functional as an infirmary building (with wheelchair-friendly entrance, hallways, bathroom, and cells), our elderly sisters will eventually become unable to live within our community. Thus, we undertake this project with the intention that the renovated building will make the monastery more welcoming to our elderly sisters and guests. We consider this project to be our duty as stewards both of the property God has so graciously provided, as well as of the aging community members He has entrusted to our care. We invite you to be a part of this important work through your prayers and financial support.

See our Renovation page on Facebook for news and updates, or donate to the project via Paypal, below. 

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