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Holy Assumption Monastery is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the Monastery, please mail a check to the address above and add to the Check memo: "General Donation".

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About: St. Nicholas House Building Project
Help Build St. Nicholas House! - $1,000,000.00

For nearly 80 years, Holy Assumption Monastery has been a part of the Calistoga community, and is believed to be the oldest Orthodox women's monastery in the United States. 

Since our sisterhood's arrival at Holy Assumption in 2009, we have known that one of the property structures, St. Nicholas House, would need major renovations before long. Local architects and contractors have advised us that St. Nicholas House was not originally built to high-quality standards, and replacing it would be a better use of our resources than continuing to renovate. This advice, coupled with our community's desperate need for additional work space, has led to the decision to completely replace St. Nicholas House with a new, two-story structure.

This building will feature ground-floor living accommodations with the added benefit of work space on the second story.  Local general contractor Paul Coates, a generous friend of our monastery, assisted by Thomas Stimpert, architect, have committed to the project, already providing invaluable planning input and guidance.  With their help, the sisters have attempted to develop a plan that balances quality, beauty, and economy.  The replacement of the existing St. Nicholas House by the proposed building will beautify both the monastery and the community.

Demolition and construction phases are estimated to take six to twelve months.  In August 2019, the sisters began a fundraising campaign with a goal of $1 million. Because neither demolition nor construction can begin until the bulk of this amount has been secured, we are turning to you as friends and supporters of our monastery to help us in our work of ensuring accessible accommodations for our elderly and infirm sisters and guests, and much-needed work space for the sisterhood.

2021 UPDATE: We have been so humbled and amazed by your generosity! As of December 2021, we are working with our architect to finalize our plans. In the coming months we expect to solicit bids for a contractor, begin the permitting process with the City of Calistoga, and apply for a loan that will allow us to begin construction as soon as possible. Stay tuned, and please continue to support us with your prayers and donations!

$600,930.08 raised of $1,000,000.00
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Cost & Planning Details

The 2 story building will be 2720 square feet.

Our cost estimate of $1 million is based on $300-$350 per square foot.  

($300 x 2720 = $816,000 ; $350 x 2720 = $952,000) .  This website shows some details of calculating building costs, and a "standard" home in California is tagged at $250/sq. ft.

Factors that raise our cost per square foot above the California average:

  • The building will be elevated due to proximity to the Napa River.
  • It will have a fire sprinkler system (mandatory).
  • It will have a small elevator (for handicap access to 2nd floor + transportation of groceries/kitchen supplies).
  • It will include two wheelchair ramps.
  • Windows and doors will be energy efficient and durable, rather than "cheapest available" (higher upfront cost, but long-term savings).
  • Exterior finishing matching Main House will be mixture of hardwood & shingles--more expensive than low-cost siding, but important for harmonizing the existing and new buildings.
  • Material and labor costs in the Bay Area have increased dramatically in the past two years because of ongoing rebuilding in the aftermath of local fires. We should expect cost/sq. ft. to be higher here than the general California average.

Local general contractor Paul Coates, a generous friend of our monastery, assisted by Thomas Stimpert, architect, have given of their time and skill over the last year to develop the plans for this building, and are committed to minimizing costs without sacrificing quality throughout the building process.

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Holy Assumption Monastery
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Target 2021 St Nicholas House - $235,000.00
Thank You, May 2021 Donors!
Thank You, NVCF!

The sisters are very grateful to the Lambert Family Fund and an anonymous donor of the Napa Valley Community Foundation for their grants to the St. Nicholas House Campaign! The Lambert Family Fund contributed $1000, and the anonymous donor $50,000.

Napa Valley Community Foundation (NVCF) works side-by-side with local donors and nonprofits to tackle the most important challenges our Valley faces.  Now celebrating 25 years of service to the community, the foundation has distributed more than $50 million in grants to improve the quality of life for residents of the region, and currently serves as the philanthropic partner to thousands of individuals, families, nonprofit agencies and corporations in Napa Valley and beyond. For more information, visit or call 707.254.9565.

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