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Monastery Grounds:  dawn to dusk Tuesday through Sunday          Monastery Books & Gifts Store:  see Store Hours

We are closed on Mondays, on Great Feast Days, and on select Holy Days

Church tours available by appointment.  Walk-ins welcome.  Please contact us.

Open Doors

Visitors are always welcome at Holy Assumption Monastery.  Our gates are open from dawn to dusk, and both Orthodox pilgrims and those who are curious about monasticism and Orthodoxy may stop in during the day, Tuesday - Sunday. On Mondays the monastery grounds are closed for the sisters' personal retreat day.

Please click here to read Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions for Pilgrims (Day or Overnight).

If you are interested in speaking with the abbess or one of the sisters, please call ahead so that we can arrange to welcome you and to give you a tour or talk.

Overnight accommodations at the monastery are available on a limited basis.  Advance reservations are required.  If you would like to stay in Calistoga, we recommend checking with local establishments:

Our Store (look for the sign Monastery Books & Gifts next to the red door along the Washington Street sidewalk) is open , and we bake cookies to order!

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Wish List

Many of you who come to the monastery ask what you can bring with you for the community.  We are very grateful for your wish to contribute to the life of the monastery.  Below are some suggestions of useful items that are always appreciated at Holy Assumption!

  • paper products (environmentally friendly when possible):  paper towels, toilet paper, paper napkins, dinner plates, dessert plates, disposable utensils, hot & cold paper cups, facial tissues (e.g., Kleenex), baby wipes


  • gift cards/certificates:  Costco, Trader Joe's, Oliver's Markets, Safeway, Wal-mart, Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Amazon, gas cards (gas for monastery vehicles)


  • olive oil, sunflower oil, white vinegar
  • canned goods:  green beans, beets, tahini, garbanzo beans, refried beans, vegan chili (e.g., Amy's Organic Chili), dolmathes, apple sauce, natural peanut butter, natural almond butter, Smucker's raspberry jam
  • dried goods:  all-purpose flour, white sugar, brown sugar (medium), powdered sugar, old fashioned rolled oats, gluten-free grain-free pasta (Tinkyáda brand when possible), beans, lentils, brown rice, dried fruit, nuts, tea, coffee
  • dairy products:  eggs, butter
  • Almond Milk (original)
  • dairy-free products (Daiya brand when possible):  yogurt, cheese, cream cheese


  • office supplies:  8-1/2"x11" 20# white printer/copier paper (recycled when possible), toner cartridges for monastery printer/copier (please contact monastery for details)


  • cleaning supplies:  trash bags (33-gallon outdoor, 13-gallon kitchen, 10-gallon wastebasket), Simple Green refills, Windex refills, disinfectant wipes


  • specialty item: Garden Arched Steel Arbor with Bench (quantity 1); please click here for details
  • specialty item: Tupperware Large Thatsa Mixing Bowl red with red seal, 32 cup new (quantity 1); please click here for details
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