Best Buddies Series
Best Buddies Series

The current book entitled, Best Buddies:  What's in a Name?, is the first in the Best Buddies series.  The impetus for this series was the monastery's friends Michael and Angela - a homeless couple who always impressed us with their decency and kindness. Difficult as the problem of homelessness is, certainly one necessary part of addressing it is to recognize the homeless as people with their own names and lives.  This book is a small effort in that direction.

Written by Mother Melania.


The hope is you will take your children to a soup kitchen, a church ministry, a homeless shelter, etc., and get to know some of these people who, like us, are made in the image of God.  You will have some difficult moments.  But if your experiences are anything like ours, you will receive vastly more than you can ever give.


As an added bonus, free activity worksheets, including lesson plans, are available as downloads, as well as video recordings of Mother Melania reading her books.


Children of 5-8 years of age from all backgrounds will enjoy these heart-warming, colorful stories. 

Best Buddies Series--BOOK(S)
Best Buddies Series, Vol. 1, What's in a Name?
Mother Melania
ISBN 978-1-946991348

Volume 1 of the Best Buddies Series                                          NEW!

What happens when a homeless dog befriends a homeless teen? Join them and find out!

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Ages 4-8 years


Kindle Edition

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Best Buddies Series--FREE DOWNLOAD(S)
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What's in a Name?: Worksheets
Mother Melania
ISBN 978-1-946991348

Volume 1 of the Best Buddies Series

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Best Buddies Series--VIDEO(S)
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